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The Peruvian Brew To Naturally Treat Erectile Dysfunction

I watched a few videos and even wrote this post about Erect on Demand and have found there is an even more convenient solution. It’s from the same company EdgeBioactives and it even comes with an electronic copy of Erect on Demand. So you get both the eBook and the powder without having to actually […]

Low Testosterone? Check Out Spartagen XT

For anyone over 30 who feels a decline in their energy, stamina and libido, there is a good chance it is due to having lower than normal testosterone. You see, testosterone is a natural hormone that helps men regulate their energy levels. As men get older, especially men over 30, this hormone begins to decrease […]

PE Bible Review Video

Check out Bill Preston talking about the PE Bible: Check out his channel on youtube. You can also watch his favorite videos here.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

There is a lot of discussion about natural male testosterone boosters. Some say they don’t work, while others claim that they work great. Some of the detractors even say that the only effect they have is the placebo effect, which enrages people who use them and feel the benefits. Best Natural Testosterone Booster Symptoms of […]

Natural Solutions For Men With Certain Types Of ED

As men get older, it is not uncommon for them to get some form of Erectile Dysfunction. This is normal, but there are certainly ways to reduce the symptoms and in some cases, there are methods to help eliminate the causes. Read more: There are three or four main causes for ED (source: […]

Common Men’s Health Issues With Dr. John Bergman

Watch this video from Dr. John Bergman where he shares his thoughts on men’s health. It is quite fascinating to hear his thoughts on modern medicine and how a doctors role is not necessarily to heal, but sometimes they just cure the symptoms, not the cause. It’s worth a watch: Men’s Health Issues With Dr. […]

Why Men Have Low Testosterone, And Methods To Address It

There are many factors that lead to a man having a lower than normal level of testosterone. Some of them are age, some are environmental, and many are related to diet and exercise. For the average man, after about 35 he will begin to notice a lack of energy, maybe even less libido, less lean […]

With All The Hype, Does Spartagen XT Really Increase Testosterone?

I stumbled across this video about Spartagen XT from EdgeBioactives and wanted to share it with you guys. Apparently there are a lot of people excited about this new testosterone booster from EdgeBioactives. Spartagen XT Review – See What A Real User Thinks The next question that comes up a lot is, is it safe. […]

What Causes Low Testosterone In Men?

After 30, most men will start to experience a decrease in testosterone. This is natural, but not necessary if you know how to remedy the situation. The symptoms of low testosterone are low libido, decreased muscle mass and low stamina or energy. Low testosterone signs, symptoms and treatments Read more: What Causes Low Testosterone.

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