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Natural Solutions For Men With Certain Types Of ED

Joe Burr

As men get older, it is not uncommon for them to get some form of Erectile Dysfunction. This is normal, but there are certainly ways to reduce the symptoms and in some cases, there are methods to help eliminate the causes. Read more:

There are three or four main causes for ED (source:

1. Lack of sensitivity. This can be addressed by proper care and also in many cases with natural herbs and extracts.

2. Lack of blood flow. This is very common and easily cured with expensive pills or with ancient herbal extracts, including certain vitamins and minerals.

3. Mental block issues, this is very common and is caused by men getting into their own heads and worrying about the results. This anxiety is the root cause of the ED in these cases.

4. Low Testosterone and lack of libido. This is a cause of ED in some men, and can be addressed by taking supplements, changing diet, reducing alcohol and tobacco and also exercise. There are two articles on this site that should be read for anyone dealing with this:

5. Some diseases such as diabetes can contribute to ED, so it’s important to seek advice from a medical professional for anyone with a Endocrine Disease that could potentially contribute to ED.

For the first two causes of ED, we recommend starting with a natural solution such as Peruvian Brew, which can be found in Josh Harding’s Erect on Demand program as seen below:

There is also an Erect on Demand review that can be read here:

If you are suffering from any form of ED and none of the above solutions are working, don’t be afraid to seek professional advice from your Doctor. There are many solution’s available and you should not be embarrassed about discussing the options.

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